ALFA Cleaning Machine

ALFA is a cable-controlled machine for decontaminating the
floors of areas exposed to high radiation and/or areas of high local dose rates.

ALFA is mounted on a chassis fitted with four wheels, each of which can
be rotated 270° when stationary and when moving.

ALFA is remote-controlled, operated from a separate control console fitted with
two joysticks and all necessary controls. The control console is connected to
ALFA electrically and pneumatically by 30-metre long cables and pipes,
which are guided over a slewable arm and kept tension-free. This arm prevents ALFA
moving over the cables and pipes. An additional waste-water pipe with 30mm
external diameter can be similarly mounted tension-free.

Different decontamination systems are available. When performing high-pressure cleaning,
the sprayed water is immediately sucked back through a suction canal in the high-pressure rake.
When cleaning with steam, loosened contaminants are collected in a cotton cloth fitted to the brush strip.

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