MDA Mobile Decontamination Plant

This mobile plant is designed for decontaminating high-grade technical equipment at the site
of an incident, thereby enabling the equipment to be used again within the control area as intended.
The contaminated equipment can be from KHG as well as from the facility operator.

To enable rapid operation following an incident in a nuclear facility, the filter plant
can be operated autonomously.

The mobile decontamination plant consists of two containers. The entire decontamination
process is performed in the decontamination container. Contaminated items are delivered in 200-litre drums.
These drums are docked onto a double-lid system in the container base. The contaminated items are
removed from the drum onto the treatment line, where they are decontaminated (exposed to high-pressure cleaning,
ultrasonic bath, chemical treatment). The treatment line consists of 4 individual units. Following radiological
measurement, the items pass through an opening fitted with a sealed cover. If a contaminated item is too large
for this opening, a door is also provided.

Supplies of decontamination material and waste decontamination fluids collected are stored in their respective container.
Waste air from each container is filtered before being released into the surrounding environment.

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