Personnel Decontamination

Two containers are available for decontamination of personnel.
Each container is divided into different areas.

In the entrance area, working clothes and underwear are removed.
In the treatment area, contamination is localised by measurements and
appropriate treatment decided upon. Targeted decontamination can be
performed using a hand basin or head shower. Whole-body decontamination
can be performed in a shower cabin, or targeted decontamination in
the same cabin using a flexible, hand-held shower head. Following successful
decontamination (determined by renewed measurement)
new clothing is supplied in the adjoining exit area.

The shower containers have an integrated, electrically heated water boiler.
Fresh air is filtered and acclimatised, and flows through the container according to
a pre-determined air exchange pattern. Waste air and water pass into a closed system.
The waste air is passed through a mobile filter system, and the waste water
pumped to the tank container where it is stored until being passed to a disposal facility.

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