Respiration Protection

KHG has a range of protective equipment available for incorporation and contamination protection.
Ranging from lightweight foil protection suits with mask to chemical protection suits with breathing apparatus,
the correct type of protection can be provided for each individual situation.

All equipment required for the respective operation is kept in the respiration protection trailer which is permanently
kept ready for immediate use at any site of operations. The trailer body has its own power supply and is divided into
three rooms; a breathing apparatus workshop, a changing room and a storage room. To enable heavy components to be loaded,
the trailer is fitted with a hydraulic platform at the rear. A mobile high-pressure filling system allows 300 bar pressurised
cylinders to be refilled. The accompanying low-pressure compressors and bottle packets supply the protective suits with breathing air,
and cool the wearer. Devices and tools for servicing and maintaining the respiratory equipment complete the range of items.

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