Mobile Operations Centre

To enable communication between KHG and the office of the plant operator, and for leading the operation,
a semi-trailer with pneumatic suspension is available. This “Mobile Operations Centre” is divided into the following areas:

  • Radio and transmission room
  • Operation command room
  • Conference room for max. 10 people

The entire operations centre is air-conditioned and can be supplied with electricity from a sound
and vibration-proof on-board supply. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) unit ensures free operation.

The antenna system os mounted on a pneumatic telescopic mast.

Technical Equipment

  • TETRA digital radio system with radio frequencies for speech and data communication, for directing the operation team
  • Analogue radio system with the frequencies of the plant operator for communication between KHG and the plant operator
  • Telecommunication network with DECT system
  • Gateway for networking the telecommunication system with TETRA
  • LAN with client – server architecture
  • Internet access via satellite, GSM or landline
  • Self-adjusting satellite TV reception
  • BGAN and INMARSAT satellite telephones
  • Digital voice recording
  • Video network for networking and displaying external video sources, using either point-to-point radio, or cable
  • Projector for large scale representation of operational images

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