EROS Manipulator Vehicle

Remote-controlled, radiation-resistant intervention vehicle for observation and
inspection inside buildings (cable and radio control possible)

EROS is a vehicle with component modules. The main components are the chassis with
two free-moving axles, the manipulator base, the manipulator with gripping function and
video cameras and equipment for transmitting data between EROS and the control centre.
The chassis enables work up to a height of 2 metres.

Due to its chassis arrangement, EROS is capable of overcoming obstacles such as stairs,
pits, steps, etc. The Romain 125 manipulator has six degrees of freedom and a hand weight of 12 kg.
Working data and video data is transmitted to the command centre either by a 250-metre long cable,
or by radio. EROS also has an emergency radio transmission facility, which in the event of the cable
becoming separated, enables it to withdraw from the scene safely. Power for both radio and cable
operation is supplied by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has a capacity for at least 4 hours operation.
Safe transport and loading by crane without impact damage is ensured by a transport container.

The main components of the command centre are:

  • 2x video screens with invert function for displaying camera pictures
  • 1x observation monitor for displaying all relevant vehicle data
  • 1x graphic monitor for displaying an animated 3-D model of EROS with self-collision supervision
  • 1x control panel for controlling the vehicle and manipulator

Download Datasheet