LMF Light Manipulator Vehicle
(Radio and cable control possible)

Remote-controlled, radiation-resistant intervention vehicle for monitoring, inspection and maintenance work, for indoor and outdoor operation.

The LMF is a modular vehicle, the main components of which are an adjustable chassis, a rotatable tower, 3 work manipulators,
4 video cameras, and components necessary for transmitting data between the LMF and the control centre.

The vehicle has an adjustable chassis geometry which enables it to overcome obstacles such as stairs, pits, steps etc.
The rotatable tower can be fitted with a hydraulic manipulator (MAESTRO, 6 DoF, 100 daN lifting power),
or an electric manipulator (MA23, 6 DoF, 25daN lifting power)

The main components of the command centre are:

  • 1 x Master arm for controlling the manipulators
  • 1 x Drive joystick for steering the vehicle
  • 2 x Video monitors to display camera images
  • 1 x Stereo monitor to display images from a stereo camera
  • 2 x PC monitors to display vehicle data
  • 1 x PC monitor to display an animated 3-D model of the LMF with self-collision monitoring
  • 2 x Control panels with controls for steering and controlling the vehicle and the manipulators

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