MF6 Radio-Controlled Manipulator Vehicle

(Cable control is possible)

The MF6 remote-controlled inspection vehicle is so compact that it can be used for reconnaissance,
inspection and to perform measurements in extremely confined locations within a nuclear facility.

All control, picture and measurement signals are transmitted by radio. With a fully charged battery
the MF6 can be operated for up to approx. 4 hours, depending upon the type of use. Continuous
operation can be provided by using the 100 metre cable, which is wound onto a cable drum with rotating
connector fitted with a charger unit. The three-wheeled chassis is fitted with a steered wheel located centre front,
and two individually powered drive wheels at the rear. This arrangement of wheels provides a highly
manoeuvrable chassis for operation on level ground. A colour camera is mounted on the pivoted arm.
A dose rate measuring device is also part of the standard equipment fitted to the MF6.

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