MTS Mobile Carrier System

The mobile carrier system consists of a remote-controlled vehicle mounted on
two caterpillar tracks (based on the newest MF 4 generation), a trailer with fixings
for additional equipment, a transport container with mountings for Relay Station 1,
an emergency electricity generator, a self-winding cable drum and a 2.5 metre long
extendable steel band telescope. The modular construction of the entire system
enables the vehicle to be adapted to each individual situation.

The MTS can be used :

  • As a mobile relay station (MTS relais station 1)
  • As a system for carrying heavy loads
  • As a mobile measuring platform (to carry a gamma camera)
  • to carry lighting equipment
  • As an accompanying vehicle (camera support)
  • As an external electricity supply (230V AC, 16A outdoor, 24V DC, 10A in/outdoor)

Download Datasheet