SMF Radio Remote Controlled Heavy Manipulator Vehicle

The SMF heavy manipulator vehicle can be operated in contaminated areas inside and
outside of buildings, for inspection and measurement work, for clearance and recovery work,
and for decontamination and assembly.

The SMF is controlled by radio up to a distance of approx. 1 kilometre, but this distance can be
increased considerably if relay technology is used. Remote control is performed from the control room
of the command vehicle. A transportable function test unit is available with which diagnostic and
error-seeking programmes can be performed, as well as for loading and unloading the SMF from the transport vehicle.

A turbocharged 90 kW diesel engine with intercooler drives the SMF, and hydraulics supply
the electromechanical drive system with energy..

The chassis is fitted with two caterpillar tracks and an articulated arm with 6 axes and a
total of 9 radiation resistant cameras and lighting devices.

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