Decontamination Modul

The decontamination module enables floors and other level surfaces to be decontaminated,
in much the same way as the ALFA floor decontamination machine.
Various decontamination liquids can be mixed with the spray water to loosen even the most “stubborn” contamination,
which is subsequently vacuumed off. Waste air passes through an active-carbon filter and is then
released under control to the surroundings. The entire process is remotely controlled from the SMF control centre.

The decontamination module is integrated into a steel framework, and consists of:

  • 1x 200 litre stainless steel container for desalinated water
  • 2x 50 litre stainless steel containers for decontamination liquid
  • 500 litre stainless steel suction tank
  • 40 litre diesel tank
  • Centrifugal pump (Speck, IN-100 DR)
  • Diesel electricity generator (Panda 12,000 NE PVMV-N)
  • Decontamination hose reel winder (Linek, model LIKA 44-10)
  • Vacuum pump (Blotenberg, model SC 30AC)
  • Decontamination tool (special construction from SGE, Dresden, Germany)

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