Floodlight Module

The floodlight module is a powerful unit for floodlighting the areas of contamination or radiation.
A battery of four 2000W halogen floodlights is mounted on a telescopic mast.
The floodlight head can be turned and tilted, and each lamp can be switched on and off independently.
As opposed to the other modules, this module is autonomous, i.e. all control functions are directly on the module itself.
This provides the advantage that once the floodlight module has been parked and the appropriate function selected,
the SMF is then free to deal with other operations.

Main components of the floodlight module are:

  • Electricity generator (Deutz F3M 1011F)
  • Telescopic mast (Frick Gerätebau GmbH, Germany)
  • 4 x halogen- floodlights
  • Pan and tilt drive (Creative Design Corp.)
  • Elektric lifting cylinder (Servomech, model CLA 25)
  • Cable winder (Nedermann GmbH)
  • Controls (Intronik)

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